Introducing Prints

  • Sell your art directly to fans.
  • We handle customer service, shipping and refunds.
  • You receive 30% of all profits.

Closed Beta

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Realizing the value of digital art.

People love art. Just about everybody, even the folks who don’t go to galleries or browse online are affected by art every day. ArtLords is working to ensure that the value placed on digitally created art is held in as high regard as traditional forms. To that end, we’ve introduced prints. A free service to help artists sell Digital Art directly to your fans. to gain access to our Closed Beta.

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How it works.

Joining the Closed Beta is easy. Just request an invitation and once you've been accepted into our closed beta, you can mark any image in your ArtLords portfolio for sale. Your fans will have multiple options for purchasing your prints with different types of papers alongside canvas and framing options.

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The 3 P's

  • Prints

    We print on numerous types of papers including our flagship 100% Cotton Rag, Acid Free, Museum Quality Paper. Our Prints will last for centuries without conservation. This is because our Prints have a smooth, absorbent surface thats ideal for the highest quality prints.

  • Pricing

    The price for each print will vary as the beta continues, but the basic print will be $30.

  • Profits

    Artists receive 30% of profits from all sales*. There is no activation fee to get started. Just upload an image and put it in the store. Our team supports customers, handles shipping and all returns.

    Profits are taken from sales minus the cost of making the print.

Closed Beta