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Hunter Becomes Hunted

inspired by the art of aris falegos

By vapory

On your average day in the woods hunting a beast, you don't even realize you are being hunted.

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Steel Titan - Part 2

inspired by the art of Sebastien HUE

By Arthur De Martino

Somewhere in Mauve, a heavily modified Cargo Drop ship sees a massive mech in a jury-rigged repair bay.
This Titan of a machine has several parts painted in red,contrasting with it's steel colored Duralex armor plates...

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Thumb jumbo spacedragon by forrestimel d9bp1gw

The Space Dragon Within

inspired by the art of Forrest Imel

By Arthur De Martino

In the rock-like structure that connects the Red Planet with the Blue plane, lies a powerful guardian.
The natives call it "The Dragon", or how most mercenaries and adventurers call it, "The Space Dragon".

No one really...

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Thumb jumbo clairvoyance


inspired by the art of hugo richard

By Arthur De Martino

The being named "Occulist" lingers in an abandoned castle in the middle of Europe.
Once human, he transcended the flesh via a dark art long forgotten know only as "Eyemancy".

Despite all that, the Occulist means no harm...

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Thumb jumbo christopher walken1

Christopher seeing a caricature of himself.

inspired by the art of orange buddhas

By Hunter Baugh

"You know, I'm not sure, that, my forehead is that big. Sure, the eyes are great, they are great. But the forehead," He crinkles his eyes, wondering. "Is my forehead that big? I, I just don't know." You look, thinking...

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Thumb jumbo grommash hellscream v1

Grommash Didn't do Nothin'

inspired by the art of Francesco Paduano

By Arthur De Martino

"We will be conquerors!"

Shouted Grommash in the cinema for the 2014's video game expansion trailer, "Warlords of Draenor". The big burly Orc was a younger version of Grom, a popular character among fantasy game...

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Thumb jumbo inquisitors hall


inspired by the art of Shahab Alizadeh

By jefersonbraun

Temple Assistant
Master, these foreigners want to meet you. I couldn't stop them.

Temple Master
Outsiders, you don't belong to this place! What are you looking for?

I'm sick, Master. We came from...

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Thumb jumbo hobo warlord3

MurderHobo Calling Card

inspired by the art of Even Mehl Amundsen

By Arthur De Martino

Real Name: Steve
Street Name: Muderhobo

Hey it's your good ol' Steve! AKA Murderhobo. Spare some change? How about after I murder your target in 24 hours flat or your blanket donation is returned? Eh? Anyone?

Being real...

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Hedgehog's dilemma

inspired by the art of Hurcem Kucukdogan

By Arthur De Martino

Once upon a time, there were unprotected, unsanctioned "favelas" in Rio de Janeiro. The state pretended it didn't exist, and to get state sanctioned services (and even private services) the population in said favelas...

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Thumb jumbo arnaud pheu sentinels

Tony's Job

inspired by the art of Arnaud Pheu

By Omar Gonzalez

"We really need a railing here or something. You know Mike's kid wandered up here last week? Could you imagine the shitstorm that would erupt if he had fallen off?"

Charles had been complaining all morning about his...

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Thumb jumbo throne room

The message

inspired by the art of Mikhail Greuli

By Arthur De Martino

A dusty and opulent palace was the home of a king.
This king that once commanded fear and respect from it's subjects due to how strict yet fair his laws were once commanded a mighty cadre of knights.
That king doesn't...

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Excerpt from History of Barbary the Red, "Orc" captain of the Sleight Wench.

inspired by the art of Fırat Solhan

By Hunter Baugh

There have been many tales about the infamous pirate, a certain Barbary the Red. A large, broad shouldered human who was also captain of the Sleight Wench. You, reader, are likely apt to put this book down having...

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