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Thumb jumbo gunsmith merchant 02 final

Gun_Maker calling card

inspired by the art of Mário Fernandes

By Arthur De Martino

Street name: Gun_Maker
Forum name: Gun_Maker
Real name: You want me to make you guns? Then skip this section.

As you can clearly see from my "Buy & Sell" threads on this very same forum I am a gun nut. Not just any...

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Thumb jumbo fat heroes   fantastic 4 copy

Fantastic Four's Fantastic Summer Trip

inspired by the art of Carlos Dattoli

By Arthur De Martino

Not a single super hero team come as close as a family than the Fantastic Four. The reason for it is simple: They actually are a family in the traditional sense.
Not to knock on the different kinds of families, it's...

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Thumb jumbo sonicpintura

Sonic: The Gritty Reboot

inspired by the art of Alex Cash

By Arthur De Martino

Robotnik's machines brought death to the Green Hills. They took all the animals they found, ripped their insides, harvested their organs, their eyes, their brains, and shoved them in their mortal bodies.

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Thumb jumbo catherine steuer cute cat study

What comes after

inspired by the art of Catherine Steuer

By Mike

"Aye lad," the large brown cat who stood, yes stood on his two hind legs, at the desk said in an accent was Scottish. Mr. Dithers thought for a moment, why was it that I know what Scottish sounds like? He thought....

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Thumb jumbo julius

Julius Strongheim 'the Fighter'

inspired by the art of Eric Summers

By Arthur De Martino

Excerpt from 'Weekly Adventurers Around the Globe', a famous publication throughout the realms that details legendary heroes that stood up to protect the multiverse.

Julius Strongheim the 'The Fighter'

The city state of...

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Thumb jumbo 2  2

Dreams and me

inspired by the art of Satyaki Sarkar

By Arthur De Martino

I am just a man,
and I just broke a dream

Yet, a thousand newer ones
Are bursting at my seams...

Flying through the sky
I rely on them to keep me afloat

Each one of them, one by one pop
I start to fall yet again

Old dreams...

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Thumb jumbo qa

In loss of a name

inspired by the art of Adam Kuczek

By Reneldy Senat

... because he's everything and nothing, all at the same time.

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Thumb jumbo guile aof 07a

A vein popping, sonic boom slapping, face shattering Street Fighter tribute! #ForCharlie

inspired by the art of Callen Desmond

By Reneldy Senat

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Thumb jumbo escaravelho 2015 final flat 1920px

A beetle for all

inspired by the art of Daniel Sian

By Arthur De Martino

Every day the Beetle would roll up a pebble over a hill with great effort.
Using his long and slender antlers, he would put the pebble in the middle of them and push!
Whenever the Beetle reached the top, he would leave...

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Thumb jumbo 10515314 10204447730772759 3313297242189432990 o

The Last Fights of Mankind

inspired by the art of Arnaud Pheu

By Reneldy Senat

So it was that the war in the air began. Men rode upon the whirlwind that night and slew and fell like archangels. The sky rained heroes upon the astonished earth. Surely the last fights of mankind were the best. What...

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Thumb jumbo ophelia cover bypk

Ophelia, huh?

inspired by the art of Katerina

By Mike

"For women's fear and love holds quantity, In neither aught, or in extremity. Now what my love is, proof hath made you know; And as my love is siz'd, my fear is so. Where love is great, the littlest doubts are fear;...

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Thumb jumbo ghost reporting

I felt the whole circumference squirm underneath my trigger, and then,

inspired by the art of klaus wittmann

By Mike

I silenced them. Everyone. The whole of Earth's surface was now a quieted wasteland, and I, Ghost 3, put the cloth over her mouth and held. I took the rifle from my back, and I allowed it to clatter uselessly to the...

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