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My Wife Didn't Want Me To Go Into The Bedroom.

inspired by the art of Jeremy Deveraturda

By rightnomwritenow

I havn't been able to sleep for a while.

Sometimes I stay up late. I love my wife, so much. So so much. But, sometimes I stay up late. My wife goes to bed, and I stay up. Redditing or playing video games, or watching...

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So long, Bowser!

inspired by the art of Thomas Moor

By Arthur De Martino

You can defeat Bowser by jumping over him, running under his massive feet, grabbing it by its tail and spinning him all all around or butt stomping your way to victory, defeating 'King Koopa' in a Mario game is always...

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Let me tell you about Spider-man

inspired by the art of Chema Mansilla

By Arthur De Martino

Spider-man is an iconic character yet strange character that somehow keeps turning in the mainstream.
What is his appeal?
How a concept as silly as a young man dressed in a weird yet strangely cool suit somehow, someway...

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Ways in which this robbery and my wedding are the same:

inspired by the art of Benamar Mahmoud

By Hunter Baugh

1. There's a crazy lady shouting about something who you don't know. 

2. That one guy in a bow-tie.

3. More family than I expected in the building.

4. Embarassing phone call to the authorities.

5. The feeling that I...

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Disturb me not, in my slumber; and I will not quake the earth.

inspired by the art of Arash Eftekhari

By Hunter Baugh

Disturb me not, in my slumber; and I will not quake the earth. Breach not the entrance to my cavern blue, or feel the words of your final moments as laughter echoing, frostily, from my mouth as I pretend to enjoy...

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Let me tell you about Ant-man

inspired by the art of Joe Darkbugg

By Arthur De Martino

Three characters sharing the name, power and presence of 'Ant-Man', a footnote in the Marvel Universe that had their mainstream time denied for not showing up on the cultural pop event that it was 'The Avengers' - The...

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The unexpected visit of the Porcelain Witch

inspired by the art of Malik Dabre

By Arthur De Martino

The Porcelain Witch was persona non grata on this particular kingdom she was visiting.
Her very presence would cause reality to change. Her ill magic and hexes would turn plants, animals and humans into well,...

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Black Moon Rising

inspired by the art of Joseph Weston

By Arthur De Martino

The court of the Shinning Prince was filled to the brim with the spoils of war. Gold could be found everywhere in his palace, giving him the nickname "The Sun's Jewel". However the constant warfare and strive around...

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Don't make him angry or he'll bug out on you

inspired by the art of piqnic

By Reneldy Senat

I get like one pun a week, ok.

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A Conversation Behind Cover

inspired by the art of Kristian Llana

By Reneldy Senat

"Hey, come on man. I have a family!" "Everybody's always got a family." "But we are connected. I can get you anything you -" "- Listen, I've already got this 9mm, and a contract that says you're dead, son." "I'll give...

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The reward that is yet to come

inspired by the art of Even Mehl Amundsen

By Arthur De Martino

Can you really tell who are you going to meet and what impact they will have on you?
Should we live life for ourselves if uncertainty is what we fear?

Perhaps the radical notion that the reward is the people we care...

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Fantastic Four's Fantastic Summer Trip

inspired by the art of Carlos Dattoli

By Arthur De Martino

Not a single super hero team come as close as a family than the Fantastic Four. The reason for it is simple: They actually are a family in the traditional sense.
Not to knock on the different kinds of families, it's...

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