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Thumb jumbo gunsmith merchant 02 final

Gun_Maker calling card

inspired by the art of Mário Fernandes

By Arthur De Martino

Street name: Gun_Maker
Forum name: Gun_Maker
Real name: You want me to make you guns? Then skip this section.

As you can clearly see from my "Buy & Sell" threads on this very same forum I am a gun nut. Not just any...

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Thumb jumbo ork2c kl

Crusha! Choppa!

inspired by the art of Thomas Moor

By Arthur De Martino

Oi oi, Humie git, earz up! See me hand? Is choppa. Big choppa. Crusha choppa. And me demand tribute! TRIBUTE! I ain't gotta nuffin an' I demand lots! Lots o' koins! Git, you shud listen to me orderz or I will stompa...

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Thumb jumbo 212   full concept kristobal

The Adventures of Izolda and Kristobal - Kristobal character concept

inspired by the art of Albert Urmanov

By Arthur De Martino

Kristobal -
Born in a small village, young Kristobal (age 14) loves history, in particular, the history of Heroism and adventure.
His dream is not only to undertake adventures himself but to chronicle it as a...

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Thumb jumbo nicolas pierquin soldier rex 03

Don't make him angry or he'll bug out on you

inspired by the art of piqnic

By Reneldy Senat

I get like one pun a week, ok.

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Thumb jumbo desert sign

At moonset

inspired by the art of Joseph Weston

By Mike

The folds of her cloak billow in the hot winds lifted from the sands. Brun-sae, her mount quivers in the spray of the sand. The sun never fully sets here, so the baking of rock and stone and silt has been going for...

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Thumb jumbo hugh pindur death from above final

Fire Hairdo

inspired by the art of Hugh Pindur

By Arthur De Martino

"Lay down your weapons, interlopers! We already got the stone of the twelve sorrows! You lost this one. Go home to your meek and pathetic king and spread the news. Score one for the Necropolis!"

Boasted the Lich, his...

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Thumb jumbo white tiger 2

Crimson Mystic Character Card

inspired by the art of CARLOS VILLAS

By Arthur De Martino

Codename: Crimson Mystic
Real Name: Giovanni di Baggio
Skill set: Metaphysics Scientist, Non-euclidian Mathematics
Powers: Control of Spells created by the color concept "Red".
Bio: Giovanni was one of the many scientists...

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Thumb jumbo dragonden

Always check the map

inspired by the art of Bráulio Gregorio

By Arthur De Martino

'Uhmn... Hello? Is anyone here?'

Yells the adventurer, holding tight his torch. He slowly enters one of the many caves of that particular dungeon, each step draws him closer to the unknown.

'I'm looking for a Lich guy....

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Thumb jumbo pindurskicommission

And then there's the Monk

inspired by the art of Hugh Pindur

By Arthur De Martino

In Dungeons & Dragons there are several archetypes represented.
You got the "Sword and Board" Fighter, right into the front lines.
Then you got the Rogue or "Thief" depending on which edition you are playing the...

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Thumb jumbo escort

Best job I ever had.

inspired by the art of pav327

By Mike

Now understand, I've done some crazy shit (stuff, excuse me). I've thrown the skulls of father's to their eight-eyed families, and then throw their skulls up on a wall for the client to mount like a deer in the old...

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Thumb jumbo composicion 2


inspired by the art of Carlos Andrés Osorio Cardona

By cribble

And then on wings that beat the breath of the cosmos, upend universes upon the fushia fettle foundations of his world, acosting across the curst which carry away in terror to somewhere less tuetonic. 

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Thumb jumbo ghost and goblins

Where I rant about Ghosts'N Goblins plot

inspired by the art of Coby Ricketts

By Arthur De Martino

Arthur has it rough for a video game character.

His girlfriend is kidnapped not by a giant dragon turtle or a stupid, giant monkey.
She is taken by Satan itself.
Then he must venture forth landscapes filled to the brim...

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