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The Bastard of Khorne

inspired by the art of Kaj Metz

By Arthur De Martino

"Blood. For the blood god."

The hulking mass of power armor and corrupted flesh whispered a prayer for his beloved god, Khorne.

Around his feet, the charred bodies of those foolish enough to dare charge him in combat....

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World War II German Flamethrower

inspired by the art of Pedro De Elizalde

By Pedro De Elizalde

“German soldier with a Flammenwerfer 35, or FmW 35, the standard issue flamethrower during the early phase of WW2.”

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A new friend emerges

inspired by the art of Federico Ginabreda

By Arthur De Martino

Paka and Poko were known to their tribe as creative and curious children who didn't really behave their age. The pair of brother and sister always watched the lemon tree on the outskirts of their village, being both...

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On Purpose, the Traitor's Fury

inspired by the art of Randy Vargas

By liberalgirl101

He is in fury. The flag, the flag. A symbol. A taunt. "5 YEARS, 5 YEARS", the traitor exclaimed, laughing crazily. Then, they came out. "Get the Brit, Get the Brit, Get the Brit.", they mocked. "Stop it!", he said. He...

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Cockatoo Lady

inspired by the art of Casper Hansen

By Arthur De Martino

Isla was always the "Cockatoo Lady", but not in the way the newspapers of New Zeland came to call her when she made her heroic debut.
Isla was an orphan, who was adopted by a very poor bird salesman. He had a...

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Thumb jumbo the last hope

Last Hope

inspired by the art of nazmul hoque

By Arthur De Martino

His name was Tobias.
And his usual job was to be a Flag-bearer to one of the many legions of the Shinning King.

However there wouldn't exist a kingdom for him to wave his flag for much longer. The legions of monsters,...

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The Fears That A Friend Might Ease

inspired by the art of Gary Laib

By Jaime McCall

Gus looked at the chick, and the chick looked back at him. With one wary hand, the gnome boy reached into a pouch on his belt for the specially prepared owl-treat. These meetings could be tricky, he’d been...

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A Letter to Vorg Master, XR6

inspired by the art of Ivan Lugomer

By Reneldy Senat

Formal Letter of Protest Dear Vorg Master, XR6 of the Kass Node System, We are writing this letter as a formal protest to the recent decision your council on outer rim stars made regarding interstellar movement...

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Isaac Unbound

inspired by the art of Marton Adam Marton

By Arthur De Martino

'Who am I?' whispers the young boy inside his dirty room. 'Isaac' was his given name, and life was confusing as it was unfair. While other kids had loving homes, his father left his mother - Who then became distant...

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Thumb jumbo cornered

Fated Encounter

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Arthur De Martino

"Child of Man, why do you trespass my domain?"

Hissed the majestic creature. His tone was of curiosity.

"S-Stay back!"

Yells the young girl. She loses her footing, almost falling to the floor. As she tries to balance...

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Fireflies In The Night Sky

inspired by the art of Gilbert Han

By Reneldy Senat

Lee didn't mind walking through the night. From an early age he learned that death could be avoided. "Just watch the signs" his master would say. He took it quite literally and when he became strong enough he...

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Shadows In The Sky

inspired by the art of Darek Zabrocki

By Reneldy Senat

“And as the captains gazed south to the Land of Mordor, it seemed to them that, black against the pall of cloud, there rose a huge shape of shadow, impenetrable, lightning-crowned, filling all the sky. Enormous it...

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