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Another night in the Underdark

inspired by the art of Johnny Morrow

By Arthur De Martino

The priestess of Lloth sat quietly at the temple gates of her beloved spider god. Her eyes closed, turned inwards in a deep meditation. The political crisis eating away the noble caste of Menzoberanzan, the dregs of...

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inspired by the art of Chris Karbach

By Arthur De Martino

All was lost.
His family had fractured.
His country in shambles.
His love, gone.
In the darkness, he feels a strange pain shooting up from his arms.


The young man tries to escape from the clutches of that dark being.

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TinEagle Calling Card

inspired by the art of Mark Molnar

By Arthur De Martino

You kids have it good.
Posting your funny names, your bravado here. Free, not because you fought for it, not because someone died for it, but because you have nothing to look forward.
You pick on guns, implants and God...

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I was in love once.

inspired by the art of Victor Hugo Harmatiuk

By Hunter Baugh

The lad, quivering in his boots looks up at me and my murderous growling. He seems to flit his shield arm aside, ushering me in. I can feel his soul as he soils himself. He begs a god that I do not know to spare him....

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It's coming

inspired by the art of samwhite

By Arthur De Martino

That creeping oblivion that we all have in our forests, we call 'minds'.
It's coming.
Slowly but surely, the horned beast we carefully cage in our hearts.
Oh, you better believe it's coming.

Through the mists of time and...

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He sees it.

inspired by the art of Jens Fiedler

By Arthur De Martino

"I see it."

Barks the fat yet imposing Orc on top of a wolf mount. His eyes glow with a fiendish energy, his lips curl into a snarl. His soldiers flock to him, looking around as if they were searching for what their...

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The things that the Fox knew.

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Hunter Baugh

The murky pools wavered slightly as the steps of each person echoed away from the floated bridge. The fox, in his smallest of steps, sniffed the musty air and he smelled a deepness in the marrows rotting. Some great...

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My Wife Didn't Want Me To Go Into The Bedroom.

inspired by the art of Jeremy Deveraturda

By rightnomwritenow

I havn't been able to sleep for a while.

Sometimes I stay up late. I love my wife, so much. So so much. But, sometimes I stay up late. My wife goes to bed, and I stay up. Redditing or playing video games, or watching...

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Rosco-Rosco 'The Awakened Bear'

inspired by the art of mauriziogiorgio

By Arthur De Martino

Excerpt from 'Weekly Adventurers Around the Globe', a famous publication throughout the realms that details legendary heroes that stood up to protect the multiverse.

Rosco-Rosco 'The Awakened Bear' entry


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Gamma bar Showdown!

inspired by the art of Andy Timm

By Arthur De Martino

Tuesdays nights at the Gamma bar!
The heroes of the multiverse gather at the popular bar, to share their stories, to drink away their defeats and mostly to mess around without a care in the world.
When the villain...

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Breaking Heart

inspired by the art of Hugh Pindur

By Joshua Senat

I had always had trouble with my anger, and right now wasn't any different. My breathing quickened, spots formed in front of my eyes, my whole body tingled. It was uncontrollable. A horde of Mak'Saham had gathered...

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Aztec Wrecking Crew

inspired by the art of Ursula Dorada

By Arthur De Martino

The new team in the Ultimate Combat League to make the rounds was the 'Azte Wrecking Crew'.
What brought them to the attention of the mainstream audience was their meteoric rise in ranks ever since they debuted and the...

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