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Thumb jumbo 212   full concept kristobal

The Adventures of Izolda and Kristobal - Kristobal character concept

inspired by the art of Albert Urmanov

By Arthur De Martino

Kristobal -
Born in a small village, young Kristobal (age 14) loves history, in particular, the history of Heroism and adventure.
His dream is not only to undertake adventures himself but to chronicle it as a...

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Thumb jumbo jeremyd funlaborcom piano

My Wife Didn't Want Me To Go Into The Bedroom.

inspired by the art of Jeremy Deveraturda

By rightnomwritenow

I havn't been able to sleep for a while.

Sometimes I stay up late. I love my wife, so much. So so much. But, sometimes I stay up late. My wife goes to bed, and I stay up. Redditing or playing video games, or watching...

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Thumb jumbo mugen by erenarik d80ge69

Wild Thing

inspired by the art of Eren ARIK

By Arthur De Martino

Infinite potential lies within 'Mugen'.

He was born in a penal colony close to Japan, as a son of a family of pirates.
As if his crime was merely existing, there was no future promised to him. He didn't even know how to...

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Thumb jumbo 2

It all started with a radio.

inspired by the art of Mac Drabik

By Hunter Baugh

I remember, we were sitting in the barracks and Tom had this old AM-FM radio out; he was playing some old radio station recordings his great grandfather had recorded in The Warehouse. An alto woman singing that old...

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Thumb jumbo german flamethrower

World War II German Flamethrower

inspired by the art of Pedro De Elizalde

By Pedro De Elizalde

“German soldier with a Flammenwerfer 35, or FmW 35, the standard issue flamethrower during the early phase of WW2.”

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Thumb jumbo guardians

The things that the Fox knew.

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Hunter Baugh

The murky pools wavered slightly as the steps of each person echoed away from the floated bridge. The fox, in his smallest of steps, sniffed the musty air and he smelled a deepness in the marrows rotting. Some great...

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Thumb jumbo harley quinn ge tribute small

Let me tell you about Harley Quinn

inspired by the art of Oliver Wetter

By Arthur De Martino

Ah, Harley Quinn!
From background character, to Joker's lover, to one of the best selling comic book characters since the beginning of the decade.
How did this happen? Why did a background, one off character get so much...

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Thumb jumbo snowy ruins

The Path to Deadalis

inspired by the art of Leon Tukker

By Reneldy Senat

"Uh, sir, don't you think we're flying a little too low?" The co-pilot nervously peered out of the starboard window. The waters calmly danced with the reflection of distant sunlight and this dance angered the boy. The...

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Thumb jumbo bad day by garylaibart d84dd5h

The Bad Day

inspired by the art of Gary Laib

By Reneldy Senat

It all started how most stories about knights and ghouls and giants started off, with the arrival of a foreign knight and the promise of a fair maiden. Well this Knight was named Sir Frances. Sir Frances wasn't known...

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Thumb jumbo dark heresy death of ryboth markmolnar


inspired by the art of Mark Molnar

By Arthur De Martino

It was time.
Ryboth was to die. A planet wiped out of the sea of stars, like a memory fading from the mind.
So many would die, no one would hear their laments, their anger, their regret or even their acceptance of the...

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Thumb jumbo cupid wood nymph smite skin by ptimm

He just Loves it when you joke about his size

inspired by the art of Andy Timm

By Reneldy Senat

Go ahead, give it a try. His reaction will be... an arrow to the heart.

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Thumb jumbo lord

He Fell On His Cutlass

inspired by the art of hugo richard

By Reneldy Senat

There once was a pirate named Bates, Who danced the Fandango on skates. He fell on his cutlass Which rendered him nutless And practically useless on dates! You're welcome.

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