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Thumb jumbo gunsmith merchant 02 final

Gun_Maker calling card

inspired by the art of Mário Fernandes

By Arthur De Martino

Street name: Gun_Maker
Forum name: Gun_Maker
Real name: You want me to make you guns? Then skip this section.

As you can clearly see from my "Buy & Sell" threads on this very same forum I am a gun nut. Not just any...

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Thumb jumbo hobo warlord3

MurderHobo Calling Card

inspired by the art of Even Mehl Amundsen

By Arthur De Martino

Real Name: Steve
Street Name: Muderhobo

Hey it's your good ol' Steve! AKA Murderhobo. Spare some change? How about after I murder your target in 24 hours flat or your blanket donation is returned? Eh? Anyone?

Being real...

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Thumb jumbo fightclub2

Captain Crunch Calling Card

inspired by the art of Julio Bencid

By Arthur De Martino

Tally-Ho brave runners! It is I: Captain Crunch and I found your humble thread when I was checking my PDA after a successful run. Tons of good stuff here, some really talented fellows. Allow me to introduce myself!

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Thumb jumbo diabl

If 4 hands doesn't do it ...

inspired by the art of sabbas apterus

By Reneldy Senat

His name is ManFright. He has 4 hands, 6 fingers, a dozen horns, and a funky cape he uses to hide his many secrets. I hear you carry the Sword of War. Don't get cocky, hero. Our enemy carries something far worst....

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Thumb jumbo magic 1 v2

Another night in the Underdark

inspired by the art of Johnny Morrow

By Arthur De Martino

The priestess of Lloth sat quietly at the temple gates of her beloved spider god. Her eyes closed, turned inwards in a deep meditation. The political crisis eating away the noble caste of Menzoberanzan, the dregs of...

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Thumb jumbo scrapyard1

In the Wreckage

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Jaime McCall

“Used to fly in the clouds…” “Bright as noon, even at midnight…” “Swim any time you wanted…” Phee did not hate his grandfather. Not really. But the old man’s ramblings had long ago lost what limited charm they might...

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Thumb jumbo obelisk by erenarik d7o16n1

Men of Blades

inspired by the art of Eren ARIK

By Esther Davis

The Obelisks should have saved us.

Joshr perched on the boulder, waves crashing against the rocky shore at his back. The Obelisk rose from the volcanic rock like a charred tree from ash. Its protective enchantments...

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Thumb jumbo street scene3 small crop

Power Suit Warriors: backstage for the premiere

inspired by the art of Alex Figini

By Arthur De Martino

Hundreds of mooks, multiple spare power suits, and open air sets. Claire Lee tours the set of internet's new hit: Power Suit Warriors!

Here, right the middle of suburban Georgia we can see some of the award winning...

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Thumb jumbo summoning

Sixtar and the Hunt

inspired by the art of Jessica TC Lee

By Arthur De Martino

On the moon of the distant planet Sixtar, heroes are made, not born.
Made out of necessity, out of survival.
While the bodies of all the life on Sixtar were made out of plastic, metal and energy, core, their minds were...

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Thumb jumbo steven cormann final highres

Capsule Corp. portable (used) Spaceship for sale

inspired by the art of Steven Cormann

By Arthur De Martino

$9,000. Located in West City. Custom upgraded, Mass Manafuctred, Mobile unit, two bedroom w/Den, two bath. Balcony has incredible gravity device. Custom kitchen with granite countertops, perfect for cooking...

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Thumb jumbo aerith shuttle by asahisuperdry d9298gu

Reaching Unity

inspired by the art of Pierre Raveneau

By Pierre Raveneau

-In 2020, April 23rd , an undentified object appeared inexplicably in Earth orbit at approximately 302,400 km distance to where it kept stationnary . 
-May 25th , the international scientific community declares...

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Thumb jumbo lion hyena

Rasharos Sun-oath the 'Paladin'

inspired by the art of Andy Timm

By Arthur De Martino

Excerpt from 'Weekly Adventurers Around the Globe', a famous publication throughout the realms that details legendary heroes that stood up to protect the multiverse.

Rasharos the 'Paladin'

From the feral plains of...

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