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Thumb jumbo gunsmith merchant 02 final

Gun_Maker calling card

inspired by the art of Mário Fernandes

By Arthur De Martino

Street name: Gun_Maker
Forum name: Gun_Maker
Real name: You want me to make you guns? Then skip this section.

As you can clearly see from my "Buy & Sell" threads on this very same forum I am a gun nut. Not just any...

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Thumb jumbo architect monster

Leave it to the Monster!

inspired by the art of Mike Azevedo

By Arthur De Martino

"Larry. We uhm... We are running late again."

Steve, the one with the glasses, nudges his friend with the elbow. And with good reason. It was a quarter past midnight, and the duo of Architects.

"Steve my man. You worry...

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Thumb jumbo composicion 2


inspired by the art of Carlos Andrés Osorio Cardona

By cribble

And then on wings that beat the breath of the cosmos, upend universes upon the fushia fettle foundations of his world, acosting across the curst which carry away in terror to somewhere less tuetonic. 

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Thumb jumbo knight and the blue frog2

What do you mean the lollipop is poisoned?!

inspired by the art of Bráulio Gregorio

By Mike

"Incredulous humanity. Always looking for a knife in their back, when usually its you who put it there!" The gigantic blue frog hummed throatily. "It is a wonder you haven't blown the earth up trying to keep...

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Thumb jumbo 212   full concept kristobal

The Adventures of Izolda and Kristobal - Kristobal character concept

inspired by the art of Albert Urmanov

By Arthur De Martino

Kristobal -
Born in a small village, young Kristobal (age 14) loves history, in particular, the history of Heroism and adventure.
His dream is not only to undertake adventures himself but to chronicle it as a...

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Thumb jumbo acid smile launcher2

Joe "Smiles" Cagriek calling card

inspired by the art of Alexandra Petruk

By Arthur De Martino

Name is Joe "Smiles" Cagriek!
"Need a hit? I'm your git!"

The inventor of the Acid Smile Launcher™(patent pending)!
I am a runner like no other. It's not just about getting the job done, it's about sending a...

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Thumb jumbo polarbear

Under the ice sheets

inspired by the art of Fernando Issamo

By Arthur De Martino

The little baby polar bear was curious as they come. He had learned about the sea, about the fish. He even had already hunted before for all that this is worth. But the elders of his Bear tribe warned him to never...

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Thumb jumbo forestfaces

Until They Rise

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Jaime McCall

When I was younger, just a child really, my mother used to take me walking near the stone giants. Just after tea she’d trundle me up in my shoes and hat. My older brother, Frederick, would be left to clear the table...

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Thumb jumbo palerealm

Venture the Pale Realms

inspired by the art of Eren ARIK

By Arthur De Martino

The adventuring group finally reached the old sage that the villagers have pointed them to. They were told this ancient man knew about the Pale Realms, a place like no other. A place of dread for said adventuring...

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Thumb jumbo catherine steuer cute cat study

What comes after

inspired by the art of Catherine Steuer

By Mike

"Aye lad," the large brown cat who stood, yes stood on his two hind legs, at the desk said in an accent was Scottish. Mr. Dithers thought for a moment, why was it that I know what Scottish sounds like? He thought....

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Thumb jumbo meghhhhhhhhhhg

Piece of Cake

inspired by the art of klaus wittmann

By Reneldy Senat

Up there the world is divided into bastards and suckers. Make your choice. — Derek Robinson

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Thumb jumbo 10515314 10204447730772759 3313297242189432990 o

The Last Fights of Mankind

inspired by the art of Arnaud Pheu

By Reneldy Senat

So it was that the war in the air began. Men rode upon the whirlwind that night and slew and fell like archangels. The sky rained heroes upon the astonished earth. Surely the last fights of mankind were the best. What...

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