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Thumb jumbo ghost and goblins

Where I rant about Ghosts'N Goblins plot

inspired by the art of Coby Ricketts

By Arthur De Martino

Arthur has it rough for a video game character.

His girlfriend is kidnapped not by a giant dragon turtle or a stupid, giant monkey.
She is taken by Satan itself.
Then he must venture forth landscapes filled to the brim...

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Thumb jumbo 212   full concept kristobal

The Adventures of Izolda and Kristobal - Kristobal character concept

inspired by the art of Albert Urmanov

By Arthur De Martino

Kristobal -
Born in a small village, young Kristobal (age 14) loves history, in particular, the history of Heroism and adventure.
His dream is not only to undertake adventures himself but to chronicle it as a...

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Thumb jumbo muse4 lowres


inspired by the art of Chris Karbach

By Arthur De Martino

All was lost.
His family had fractured.
His country in shambles.
His love, gone.
In the darkness, he feels a strange pain shooting up from his arms.


The young man tries to escape from the clutches of that dark being.

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Thumb jumbo rsz 42415j

It's coming

inspired by the art of samwhite

By Arthur De Martino

That creeping oblivion that we all have in our forests, we call 'minds'.
It's coming.
Slowly but surely, the horned beast we carefully cage in our hearts.
Oh, you better believe it's coming.

Through the mists of time and...

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Thumb jumbo jens fiedler orc boss

He sees it.

inspired by the art of Jens Fiedler

By Arthur De Martino

"I see it."

Barks the fat yet imposing Orc on top of a wolf mount. His eyes glow with a fiendish energy, his lips curl into a snarl. His soldiers flock to him, looking around as if they were searching for what their...

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Thumb jumbo traitor

On Purpose, the Traitor's Fury

inspired by the art of Randy Vargas

By liberalgirl101

He is in fury. The flag, the flag. A symbol. A taunt. "5 YEARS, 5 YEARS", the traitor exclaimed, laughing crazily. Then, they came out. "Get the Brit, Get the Brit, Get the Brit.", they mocked. "Stop it!", he said. He...

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Thumb jumbo 10548247 1459722090956689 892993957115386531 o

Last words of a fisherman

inspired by the art of ömer tunç

By Reneldy Senat

"Now, I know they said they're canceling the apocalypse and whatnot, but doesn't this kinda look like the end of the world?"

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Thumb jumbo guardians

The things that the Fox knew.

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Hunter Baugh

The murky pools wavered slightly as the steps of each person echoed away from the floated bridge. The fox, in his smallest of steps, sniffed the musty air and he smelled a deepness in the marrows rotting. Some great...

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Thumb jumbo magic 1 v2

Another night in the Underdark

inspired by the art of Johnny Morrow

By Arthur De Martino

The priestess of Lloth sat quietly at the temple gates of her beloved spider god. Her eyes closed, turned inwards in a deep meditation. The political crisis eating away the noble caste of Menzoberanzan, the dregs of...

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Thumb jumbo rainy night by atma33

My last day in Seattle

inspired by the art of Jan Hadzic

By Arthur De Martino

As I cross the street I can see in bright neon the projection.

"No frills high thrills! Star Girl the movie!"

The narration shouted from a speaker with great enthusiasm yet for all the colors and neon plastered through...

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Thumb jumbo 2

It all started with a radio.

inspired by the art of Mac Drabik

By Hunter Baugh

I remember, we were sitting in the barracks and Tom had this old AM-FM radio out; he was playing some old radio station recordings his great grandfather had recorded in The Warehouse. An alto woman singing that old...

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Thumb jumbo isaacfull3 small

Isaac Unbound

inspired by the art of Marton Adam Marton

By Arthur De Martino

'Who am I?' whispers the young boy inside his dirty room. 'Isaac' was his given name, and life was confusing as it was unfair. While other kids had loving homes, his father left his mother - Who then became distant...

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