Sins of the Fathers

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“By the year 3322, the planet was almost entirely depleted of its resources.” Dying. Gone. Nothing…there’s nothing… “Dr. Saro designed the encapsulation process. A way to combine biological data and then gestate life taken from our own DNA. Though we could not survive, would not survive the coming scarcity, these protected genetic clones would.” New life. Our life. Us. “A neural interface was constructed to facilitate the transfer of essential knowledge. Basic survival skills. Scientific principles. Language...” For the world is hollow… Así es como acaba el mundo… Nǐ kàn wǒ de zuòpǐn, nǐmen qiángdà, hé juéwàng! “Then it was just a matter of timing. Of finding a way to slow or delay that growth process until the planet was healed enough to sustain a reasonable population.” Waiting for the right moment. Waiting for the rain to taste clean again. Waiting for so long… “Sensors have indicated that external conditions have finally stabilized and this pod has begun its deconstruction process. Soon, very soon, you will step forth from this cocoon and see light for the first time. You will face challenges. You will struggle. But, as our children, we know you will succeed. You will endure.” Live. Live. At all costs…. Live.

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