Black Panther (Earth-8308)

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Like all other men and women who don the "Black Panther" name and cowl throughout history, T'challa took the mystical heart shaped herb to commune with Bast, the Panther spirit.
This blessing made him the king of Wakanda - a highly technological city state right in the heart of Africa.

The tradition of the city is to close itself from foreigners while they slowly expand to better protect their most valuable resource, a metal alloy know as "Vibranium". T'challa was different however. He traveled the world trying to understand the pain of those who weren't as sheltered as he was. He fought (and defeated) the Avengers. He worked with the Defenders. He even helped Doctor Strange fight Baron Mordo in several occasions as part of the 'Midnight Sons".

All this gave him 'perspective'. Maybe if he wasn't up to snuff, maybe if he lost on his first run in with the Avengers, he wouldn't have felt that way.

But the fact is that he does. Wakanda isn't suppose to be a city state, away from the know world. No. Wakanda is the world. His kingdom must extend throughout the globe. Not out of tyranny, nor political coercion. But through scientific advancement, through vibranium.

T'challa broke the traditions of his people and shared to the world the wonders of his precious realm. In this Earth, crime and super crime are almost unheard of. The population lives in harmony with the environment. All thanks to his benevolent king that hides behind the totem of a God.

But not all Earths share a happy ending as Earth-8308.

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