Captain America (Earth-199999)

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"I am just a kid from Brooklyn" Steve Rogers was selected to the World War 2 special government sponsored program that turned people into Super Soldiers via a special serum codenamed "The Super Soldier Serum". The scientist behind of the project was assassinated the moment before the project proved to be a success, so the project was canceled. Steve then became a propaganda tool, donning the title of "Captain America", he punched Hitler at war bonds drive around the home front. But that kid of the Brooklyn had heart. Even as he was mocked in a army presentation, he wanted to help the war efforts against the Nazi war machine, and so he did, rescuing the Howling Commandos and his best friend, James "Bucky" Barnes. In doing so, he fought against a soldier who also had a similar serum on his body, the Red Skull. His rival was the head of a special Nazi organization know only as "Hydra" and dismantling said organization was his driving goal towards the World War 2. A goal in which he succeeded, before falling into the ocean and freezing up. Years later, Captain America is found on a ice block, and is thaw out by a UN military organization know as "The S.h.i.e.l.d.". For a while, he acted as an agent for them and the US Government, thinking he was fighting for freedom and the American dream. However, what he didn't realize was that after World War 2, the world had changed. Individual liberties were trampled on. The government was shady, with a hidden agenda. And behind it all, the tentacles of Hydra controlled it all. Standing as a beacon of hope, the man behind the mask was still just a kid from Brooklyn. All that posture of "protecting the greater good" by treating the population as cattle didn't fly with him. So he went rogue, he became the government number one enemy so he could oppose the new rules into place. Captain America represents the hope and dreams from kids of another time. Perhaps a simpler, more pure time. And he was willing to sacrifice it all to protect said hope. In the end, he managed to dismantle Hydra with the help of other rogue agents, like the Black Widow and Falcon at great personal cost. A true American hero who understands that a country is just as great as the people living in it.

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