A Chasing Tale

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It was at that exact moment Mr. Dithers realized chasing that squirrel might have been a big mistake. The course of events that led him here, formerly a blur, was suddenly coming into sharp focus; how was it possible he could make so many mistakes at once and not see it? Then again, she had a way of moving that he found completely alluring. None of the barn mice ever caught his attention the way she did with that fluffy tail of hers. It spoke to him in some kind of secret code, and her mystery was irresistible.

The chase consumed him. The harder she ran, the more focused he became - too focused. He knew that some lines shouldn't be crossed, but he was oblivious to the strip of white paint beneath his feet. He was gaining on her but the noise was too loud to ignore and suddenly his attention snapped away from her, landing on the bright set of eyes bearing down on him.

As he stared into their radiant beauty her tail lost all appeal. What was he thinking wasting his time on a mere squirrel? How could the possessor of such eyes ever take him seriously knowing how full of reckless immaturity his past had been?

Nothing had ever made him feel the way those eyes did just then, and it terrified him.

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