What in Morin's beard am I mining?!

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Excerpt from Arnough Gemviper's diary

Entry for day 22, month of the Boar, 1290  
It has been days. Food is running low, the ale is running even lower. Perish the thought, I am sure I will score big with this operation. I can laugh all the way to the Gem cutters who said nothing of value was down this hole or I am not called Arnough Gemviper!

Entry for day 26, month of the Boar, 1290

So after several days of eating nothing but Duck cheese (Note: Ask Normadin what in the blue hell goes into a 'Duck Cheese' when I return) I've finally done it! I found an entrance that not even our ancestors knew about inside the installation. Arnough the magnificent is moving up! They doubted there would be more chambers in the structure, but I am about to prove them wrong.

Entry for Day 28, month of the boar, 1290

It's here. The first gem of this forgotten place. Yet even with my manuals and scrolls I cannot figure out this. Just what in Morin's beard am I mining? It has this strange orange-like energy glowing. As if it has a fire inside of it. Can you believe that? A stone that stores fire?

Entry for Day 30, month of the boar, 1290

Turns out, prancing around with a glowing mysterious gem on your pants wasn't the best of plans. I attracted several beasts around the tunnels. They seem drawn by the light inside this precious stone. But do not fret, dear reader! Surely, me, Arnough the magnificent will survive long enough to donate this precious gem to the Dwarven museum of natural history. Surely, they will in turn compensate me with a big exploration fee bonus eh?

All the other entries of the diary are mangled and torn apart beyond repair.

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