Steel Savior

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Steel Savior vs. the Sky Pirates
The population of the planet Rongo-7 lived in fear of the Sky Pirates,
a group of air bandits that stole and opressed the population.
They were the masters of the planet, doing as they pleased.

No longer.
For the Steel Savior finally answered the distress call from the King.
The silver spaceship beams our hero inside the villain's fortress.
The fate of the planet was about to be set straight.

A storm is coming.
In a flash, the hero breaks through the Sky Pirate's flying machines.
In a bind, the pirates shuffle around, trying to glimpse their destiny before they are vaporized
In kind, the Saviour's weapons brutalize all and any opposition, one laser beam at a time.

Violence ends.
The trumphets of glory resonate around Rongo-7!
The Steel Savior shares a cup of wine with the King itself.
And before they know it, he is already back to his silver spaceship, looking for a new adventure.

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