Salvador "Daqui"

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My first contact with an author was with Salvador Dali. In sunny Rio de Janeiro on the early 90's there was this huge, phenomenal Dali exposition in the biggest museum around the city. As a five year old the very concept of someone made famous for their silly drawings was something that made me confused. 'Would my finger painting make me a star?' was something my youthful imagination kept wondering through the trip. To tell the truth, it was kinda awesome see the melted clocks, his 'Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man' made quite an impression. I really got into art because of that school trip, but that wasn't the end of it.

When me and my 5 year old crew returned from the museum, we were surprised to see a canvas on our usual math room. We were to become "Salvador Daqui", a play on words. You see, "Dali" in Brazilian Portuguese sounds exactly as the expression "Da li" that means "From there". 'Daqui' sounds exactly as "From here". The goal was to push some five year old kids to draw expressionism-like drawings on their own after seeing the master's works.

What the teachers realized soon after is that young kids always draw the strangest things anyway, so these 'Daqui' drawings weren't different at all from your standard fare.

But still, it is a fun memory.

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