Lord of Shadows

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"Illusions? Shadows? Styx, do you really think your petty tricks will keep my men at bay?" said the commander, his men fanning out behind him, cutting the shrouded figure off from escape. They began to advance, pushing the huddled mass of rags and shadows against the alley wall. "I suppose you're right commander, after all my magics are just a trick of the light, a matter of perspective you could say." said Styx, smiling as he locked eyes with the troop of men. The commander motioned to one of his troops, and the soldier stepped forward, a pair of iron manacles held in his hands. He reached for Styx's shoulder, only to find nothing to hold on to. Off balance, he tripped and fell through the billowing shadows of Styx's illusion, his head cracking into the alley wall as he slumped to the floor. "Like I said," cried a voice from above, "all a matter of perspective commander." The smiling form in front of them disappeared, Styx's face now hanging in the air above. His body followed suit, materializing beneath him as he floated down onto a nearby rooftop. "It's to bad for you sir that the only perspective that matters here is mine." said Styx, cackling as he leapt behind the soldiers and ran back into the busy market streets. "Don't let him get away." cried the commander. Motioning his troops to follow the master of shadows as the cloaked form bobbed and weaved its way through the crowd. As they filed back into the streets, the light seemed to bend and ripple next to the crumpled body of the soldier in the alleyway. He stirred for a moment, then slumped over again as a sharp crack echoed off the brick and mortar walls, a dark bruise already forming on his brow. "Just my size. " said Styx, grinning as he stripped the armor from the soldier, dragging the prostrate form into the dark corners of the alleyway.

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