The Road of Life

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Life cruises past us huh?

Picture the situation. Your sister (Or mother. Or Father.) has been diagnosed with cancer. Another member of your family loses it. They are shaking. They are taking all short of medicines to control their anxiety. The very idea of Death looming at that dreaded word - "Cancer" is enough to take a working man or women out of their daily routine and right into pure despair.

And yet we as a species are blessed (cursed?) to know that one day, it will be our turn to die.

Do we despair for the fear of what lies beyond?
Do we despair for the idea of not being conscious enough?
Do we despair in the face of the suffering awaiting us before we are gone?

Then we are human. The fragility of life is what define us. All we can do in the face of the long road ahead is to do our best knowing that eventually...That road will end.

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