Stan's Journal, No. 89

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Well, it appears that the Lord (or the gods of this place...apparently) has blessed me bountifully. Some dwarf guy (like, a real dwarf. Like axes and beards and mining dwarf) figured out how to make rounds for my Marlin 1895, and his gnome friend (nothing like the common garden gnome from back home) put some magic on it. I was worried that a fella like me couldn't make his way in this world, but then I heard about the troll bounties. Now here I am, Stan the Troll Hunter. The local bard even wrote a song about me! I can't really say it is a fun thing to shoot something that can yell at you, but the gold is mighty nice. If I ever find a way back home, this gold'll likely make me a millionaire. Well, I'm off to the tavern now. There's an elf lady who I gotta' buy a drink for. ,Stan

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