Power Suit Warriors: backstage for the premiere

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Hundreds of mooks, multiple spare power suits, and open air sets. Claire Lee tours the set of internet's new hit: Power Suit Warriors!

Here, right the middle of suburban Georgia we can see some of the award winning costumes being prepared for the actors. As you can clearly tell when watching at home these suits are richly produced, with several layers of metal. This is no Hollywood magic, the Power Suits are semi functional! This is why there is no need for stunt doubles - The suit does all the work!

Sure enough, as you can tell by the picture above, there are some special effects at work, for instance, all of Green Suit led lights aren't actual embedded in the suit, it's all added in post production.

Charismatic speaker, Blue Suit was practicing his speech on the set for the current episode. Surely you'd think his actor would fumble his lines from time to time, but I was shocked to learn he makes them on the spot! Yes the speech from Episode 371: A New Hope was improv! Where was this guy hiding in Oscar season eh?

Posing is what put Power Suit Warriors o2n the map (Well, that and the "people getting punched in the face while wearing power armor" demographic) and it was a candid moment get to see Green Suit do his iconic heroic salute pose.

Anyway the next season of Power Suit Warriors is shaping up to be more of the same. Though is this a bad thing? I say the more Power Suits, the better! This has been Claire Lee, see you in the funny papers.

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