The Magnanimous Magman!

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As a geographer, Macario Maarku Makana was doing research on one of the largest volcanic tuff cones in all of Hawaii, the Diamond Head, which was part of the Volcanic Honolulu series.
As he was collecting samples of calcite crystals along the cone, something called to him.

"You must slay them."
"Burn the invaders."
"Incinerate the Enemy."

Before Makana could understand what was happening, he fell down an opening on the tuff's rocks. He became one with the core of the planet, being reborn as another being. He emerged under the sea. He barely understood what was happening to him, but a gentle voice guided him to the surface.

"Do not fear."
"Swim towards the light."
"We need you there."

Emerging from the water ignited his body. Gone was the flesh and bones associated with humans, Macario had become a being of pure magma and stone. He spotted with his flaming orb that worked as an "eye" a huge lizard. Was this the invader? The enemy?
There was no question about it. The voices ask for him to do what was his birthright.

Magman rushes to battle to save Honolulu, his hometown. A battle of scales and lava was about to erupt in the streets!

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