Doctor Eggman!

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"Why is your face made out of fried eggs? Why are your eyes the sunny side? Your face doesn't even make sense, old man!"

Barked Wasp Eye Lad - our hero - as the minions of the terrible Doctor Eggman dragged him to his cell.

"Why! The nerve! You are questioning my Eggcelency you foolish buffoon? How dare you question the sense for such eggcentric face!"

Sneers the Egg-man hybrid.

"It's just...Weird. I mean I get beaten up by villains all the time see? I'm just a super hero intern after all. But I never ran into anyone as weirdly tasty such as you. I mean hey you beat me. You won. Can I eat a piece of you?"

Says Wasp Eye Lad. An awkward pause settles in between the two men as they stare each other.

"...That didn't sound so strange in my head."

Dr. Eggman pushes his face into Wasp Eye Lad's cell bars.

"I will scramble you for even thinking about eating me you cur!"

And so it was born a rivalry for the ages. The strange Egg man and the Super Hero intern would do battle over the most trivial matters to come.

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