Walking with a friend

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"Sato Three! Be careful with that umbrella. You almost boped me in the nose!"

Sayuri jokingly chastises her bodyguard, the brand new Sato-3. Each movement the robot made was carefully planned to make it's ward as comfortable as possible. Her Usagi-4 - the pet rabbit robot watched the two talk in silence.

"My apologies, mistress! Though this one must make a remark: I did not bop you in the nose. My articulation has been calibrated to better care and interact with your body."

Sayuri blushes as she teases her new bodyguard once more.

"Interact... With my body you say? You are just not my type, Sato-Three!"

The sound of mechanical laughter can be heard from Usagi-4, who seems to be joining in the fun.

"Mistress...! That's not what I mean I am sorry! My conversation protocols are still brand new. With time I will better understand the way you speak and not commit such gaffe again."

The laughter of the young Sayuri echoes around the neighborhood the trio is traversing. She made a new friend that day.

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