An Allegory

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Border Specialist 09 crept out of the overturned truck he had been inside when the mines went off. Were he not a metahuman, the vigorous flipping of his vehicle following the explosion might have killed him. But he felt the suit's inner medical systems finish reforming his ribcage and his breathing grew steadily softer until he could hardly remember what it was like feel the wheezing of his lungs as he inhaled anymore. To his right a 707 PK-37 or MT (short for Martian Thing, named after the similar machines from an H.G. Wells novel that was handed around at basic) crept out of the wreckage of an apartment complex. The MT's were programmed to dive into an enemy building the nanosecond its shields were about to fail, because it could likely survive the destruction; while enemy combatants certainly couldn’t. It did not occur to Border Specialist 09 or to the MT that there may have been children in the complex. They did not need to, for all metahumans had been evacuated beforehand. Another complex loomed before him, and he breathed easy. A flicker on his visorcom indicated that the unit would be assaulting the complex in formation Phi. He glanced at the infrared scan’s results and was relieved to find no metahumans. Seventeen heat signatures, four known combatants. Good numbers. He paused at the ruined wall that was his cover and waited for the MT to strike. He heard a young boy’s shouts and turned to look; Specialist 09 saw a five-and-a-half-foot young man running out of the building with his hands up screaming what was etched into nearly every wall in the poor district of New Chicago. “All humans are equal! All humans are equal!” He shouted at the MT, which promptly spattered him into the sand and removed his corpse from the assault line so that none of the border specialists would trip over it. This did not illicit within 09 any sort of emotional response. Nor did he realize that the only thing that made him a metahuman, and the spattered child lying thirty-two meters back not, was the suit that he had been given at birth and wore each day. No, he certainly never realized that.

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