Bone Soldier

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Richard 'Baby face' Williams was as white bread as a military specialist could be. His lack of fear and dedication to the cause were traits loved by his superiors. To the point that once he got into a gunfire related accident that took away the motor skills, they hesitated in retiring him.

But they did.

With great honor and a medal of service, Richard was to return to the civilian life.

Or so they thought.

Williams enlisted into a mercenary group. A highly illegal one, one that claimed to experiment on their men, looking for the "Ultimate Soldier".

Richard passed all the tests and simulations that the military cell demanded of him. And it was decided he was to be part of the "Bone Project" - A bionic exoskeleton that would allow his broken body to rise yet again. To fight the "Good fight" as he put it.

The experiment was a catastrophic failure.
The exoskeleton bonded with Richard's body instead of merely supporting it. His face was disfigured, his chest was a mangled mess of dried and resistant bones.

He became a freak, a monster, a Bone Soldier.

Now, he is hunted by the army, he gave his best years.
Feared, his indestructible body travels from battlefield to battlefield, never to

A ghost made of bonus and cybernetics. His humanity is just a memory. In the heat of battle, the Bone Soldier feels alive.

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