Grantelheid, the Villain

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Grantelheid was a an ambitious young man. Well, perhaps 'man' is underselling it. He was a Fiend. A devourer of men.

But not on the usual sense, no. He had too much class to rip people's faces and eat them. The meal that Grantelheid desired was in the hearts of man: Power.

His dark armor, his angel wings, his porcelain skin all clashed in a strange contrast. Was this man-beast a charming rogue, or a brutal conqueror? Why not a charming conqueror?

For he was known to take control of mercenary bands, manipulate them to do their binding, to give him their life and then to discard them. To use them as pawns in a cosmic game only Grantelheid compreehends. For as long there is conflict and strive in the land, so will Grantelheid take flight.

But why he does it? Why does he seek to play with men's desires, ambitions, dreams and aspirations through martial conflict?


Grantelheid is a bored destroyer who wishes to see man kill man.

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