Breaking Heart

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I had always had trouble with my anger, and right now wasn't any different. My breathing quickened, spots formed in front of my eyes, my whole body tingled. It was uncontrollable. A horde of Mak'Saham had gathered around me. The Mak'Saham were a ruthless group, had no emotions or human thought. They were savages inside a leathery skin that disguised them. I was extremely stupid to have gotten myself tangled up into their affairs. But now they had my mom, and there was nothing that would stop me. Absolutley nothing.

There was plently of black in their heart for me to use. My mind searched for it, gripped it. I pulled it from their bodies. My whole body shone red, as did my sceptor. This was more than I had every had control of, and I felt my grip on it slipping.

Just a little more, then I'll have enough. Somehow I held on. My mind filled with the thoughts and memories of these people. This was always the hard part. My mind couldn't handle it. I felt the people in my head, trying, in vain, to break free from my hold of them. I felt them tugging at my heart. I was losing concentration. But I could do this, I knew I could.

I raised both my arms and my scepter. "This is for my mother!" I yell to them. I push every amount of power in it out from me. I hold nothing back. A dome of red is released from me and the first of the warriors are sent flying through the air. The dome passes through the group and disappears. I look up and everyone is frozen in place. Then everyone collapses at once, and I feel the strength leave from me.

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