Steamu the Lucky Bullywug

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Amidst the strife and the lands of adventure there are the mighty, who crush those who oppose them and then there are the guile, who outsmart all those beneath them.
And then there's the lucky ones.

Steamu was extremely poor, even among the Bullywug society. It didn't help that he had a birth defect.

Steamu was a 'spiker'. That means he had strange, bone-like spikes coming from his body. This was a sign of inferiority to the Bullywug people and he was always segregated in child gathering and he barely learned the language of his people.

His family loved him and once he made the ceremony to become an adult, he was sent away to the nearest city of Humans, to find his place.

This is where his luck began.

His shy yet meek personality at first made him a target for the thugs around said city but they quickly learned that the Bullywug young man was quick, and worse - Had no gold on him.

Sensing potential, he was scouted to the Thieve's Guild where he made a name for himself in several adventures. No matter the odds or how dire the situation became, Steamu managed to overcome it one way or another. He survived a shipwreck to the Elven lands, he survived an Earthquake inside the Dwarven capital... Hell he managed to drink with the savage orc tribes without throwing up his lunch!

With luck came recognition. Steamu can be found around the town that accepted him into the fold, always eager to help. After all he has luck on his side.

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