Unlikely encounter

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The dungeon of the Evil Overlord was quite diverse. Goblins, Kobolds, Zombies, Bullywugs, you name it!
The Evil Overlord didn't like mixing the monsters though, as in each monster group would patrol only portions of his evil dungeon fortress.

Sakky the Kobold always patrolled with her family the inner sanctum of the Overlord's library. She was the youngest of the Kobold bunch, always eager to experiment with her traps and didn't harbor any hate for the "terrible Humies" like her father used to call them.

The outer sanctum of the library was guarded by the Overlord assistants that had been dead for a while. They were undead skeletons. Easy to be maintained since they do not eat or drink, but very fragile. Minerva wasn't spooky at all. In fact she was quite bored. The days passed and everything looked the same.

In one of such days, Minerva decided to juggle one of her ribs on her left skeletal hand. She did so trying to pass the time, but her boredom knew no bounds. She sighed and just like that, her rib escaped her hand and it rolled down to the Inner Sanctum!

Desperate, Minerva shambled along the hall trying to pick her rib up.

It was then she found Sakky.

At the first the young Kobold didn't understand the Rib. She picked up with curiosity and examined with her lizard-like eyes. Then she gazed over Minerva, who froze. She didn't know how to react over the small Kobold pest.

Sakky youthful laugh made Minerva give a double take over her shoulder. Was this little lizard laughing like a little girl?

"This is part of you isn't it miss?"

Minerva silently nods towards the little Kobold.


Sakky extends her hand with the rib, towards the Skeleton. Minerva snatches it and quickly puts the bone on it's place. She was about to leave when she got hugged by the little Kobold.

Minerva raised her sword  Was this a sudden attack from this creature?

"I like you! You are white! My favorite!"

Confused, the skeleton lady let's her new friend hug her.

"I will see you later!"

Giggles the Kobold as she runs away to the inner sanctum.

Did Minerva just made a new friend?
Still confused, she returns to her guard post. At least this day was different from the others.

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