Isaac Unbound

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'Who am I?' whispers the young boy inside his dirty room. 'Isaac' was his given name, and life was confusing as it was unfair. While other kids had loving homes, his father left his mother - Who then became distant from her baby. Isaac tried to love her as he always did, but she pushed her. It didn't take long before she started hearing voices. Voices that demanded the sacrifice of Isaac.

This is how it began. How he was in his dirty room, hiding from his deranged mother. Was he the sinner she imagined him to be? Was he even a boy? Was it his fault his father left him and his mother? Was even his mother's fault, losing it when she too is stricken with grief? As he was hiding, he founds his cat, Tabby, inside his toy chest.
Tabby is dead.

And soon he would be joining him.
This pushed Isaac over the edge. His young heart decided to answer the terrible question of 'who am I' - He was Isaac. He was a sad little boy who lost both his parents. And he could only rely on himself right now. Was he a sinner? If his mother and her 'God' decided that, then he must be. Isaac embraces his inner demons as he escapes his own room and runs off to the city. As a man.

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