Nose first

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Absolute panic.
This is what you feel when the controls of the biplane start to fail and you are nose first into your death.
Protocol tells you to avoid populated areas, to crash your airship into the water But you are freaking out, no time to think.
Survival instincts kick in. You want to live.
So you throw that sucker into a beach, filled with children. Hoping the sand will halt your momentum, and that perhaps you can get aid from the locals.

You crush them. They do not die, but you smash several parents who shielded their children.
As a miracle, you are alive.
And you run away, far from it.
You nose died not only to your death, but of several others, strangers out of fear, out of panic, out of survival instinct.

Can you really be blamed?
If you cannot, then why I cannot forgive you after all these years?

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