The temple above the sky

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Above the clouds sits a place like none other.

Through the school of flying jellyfish, parting the sky there is a temple.
Said temple marks the end of our world and the beginning of another. A world were reality is immaterial and dreams are truth.
The temple of Imagination is were the door for that world can be reached.

Becoming one with the Dream World

Reaching the temple is as easy as riding a flying jellyfish.
It requires ingenuity, a burning desire that can shut off the pain of sitting on top of said animals as well the ambition of seeing another world. These feelings are often taken by granted by our would be dreamer explorers but one would be surprised at how some of them are not as genuine as other feelings like escapism and the fear of death.
The dream world is pure. Anyone can enter if they purge their selfish desires and half truths before they reach the temple.
If their mind is in synch with what lies inside the door's of this sacred place, they will open, allowing the travelers to enter it's halls.

Inside lies the dream chambers, each room contains a different type of tree.
Sleeping under a particular tree will send you to a different type of dream as well.

False Awakening Dream tree

The first tree is located right in front of the doors of the temple. The dreamers under this tree are constant, even when one wakes up, the dream continues. The leaves of the tree are perpetually falling from it, with a brownish red coloration.

Lucid Dream tree

The second tree is beyond a small corridor, north of the temple's gates. The would-be dreamer that sleeps under this tree becomes the lord and king of his own Dreamscape, shaping the fate of entire universes with his own mind. The leaves on the tree are in blossom perpetually and have a pink pigmentation.

Nightmare tree

In the Lucid Dream room, there is a set of stairs that good deep underground, into the rock that nests the temple. In there, there is a leafless tree. If one is brave enough to sleep under it, they would experience a confrontation with their own fears and anxieties, quickly waking up from a horrible dreamlike experience.

Epic Dream tree

In the lucid dream tree room there is a sprawl of stairs that go up and up. At the top, yet another room and yet another tree. However, the golden leaves and the angelic murals hint at something far greater than the other rooms. Indeed, this is a special room, the 'Epic Dream' tree. The purest, most perfect dream experience lies under one life as sleep The type of Dreamscape here is one that won't deal with the dreamer's anxiety, nor will give him control or guide him through a maze of false awakenings. The dream inside the tree is the perfect dream. One that is so vivid, so complicated, so colorful, so enlighting that the dreamer will remember for his entire life. The reward of reaching the border of two worlds.

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