This is it boy, the next thing

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On the top of the cliff, a door. A passage for the unknown.
The boy had climbed that tree using everything he learned, from home economics to his top notch and well researched mountain climbing skills. Actually, he mostly used his mountain climbing skills to reach there, but this was the journey he prepared in his whole life.
And this was the prize.

A door.

While all of his life wasn't dedicated to climbing the mountain, it might as well be. From an early age, this boy was enrolled in the most elite schools of his country. Or the equivalent middle class could afford. Or perhaps this boy was poor. But that didn't change a thing, for he had studied, learned about the world. He was being nurtured for a challenge.

And this was it.
A mountain. A challenge. A door.

College, Karate, swimming lessons. It all came down to this.
The door on top of the mountain. The promise of something else.

The boy is finally there. His hand on the knob. Ready to turn. His hands are sweating. His knees are trembling. All these years of studying, of trying harder, of obeying rules, of being a good boy, they all came down to this single moment.


The door opens.

On the other side, the path to climb down the mountain, a long sprawl that would go on and on and on, into another mountain range.. The Boy could not believe it at first, searching around the door, behind it. Nothing. This was it.

All that effort, knowledge and sick mountain climbing skills only led him to another mountain range in the end.

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