My Nindo

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The fact that he was leaving his village in ruins didn’t exactly set right with him.

Sure, he knew that it looked much worse than it was. But, there was no denying that it looked absolutely horrific. Almost every single building had been razed nearly to the ground, the dry dust of what had been homes, gardens and schools filtering through the air like memories made solid.

But the people had survived and that was what really mattered. They were strong. They would rebuild.

And he also knew that he’d already done a ton of work to help that happen. He’d run himself and his clones nearly ragged to help get the basics of water, food and shelter going for the hearty but somewhat stunned population. In fact, he’d argue that the only one who worked harder had been Captain Yamato, and Captain Yamato only stopped working when he drove himself unconscious.

But, all of that was trumped by the simple fact that his best friend, his all-but-brother had finally been assigned the title of missing nin.

There was no way in hell he could let that happen.

So, while it didn’t set well that he was leaving the village so soon after its most desperate hour, he did so with his head high.

The ANBU, charged now with discouraging anyone foolish enough to try a surprise attack on the weakened village, slowly uncurled from their places in concealment to watch him walk by.

But he didn’t notice.

Now it was time to help save Sasuke.

It was that simple.

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