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Street name: Gun_Maker
Forum name: Gun_Maker
Real name: You want me to make you guns? Then skip this section.

As you can clearly see from my "Buy & Sell" threads on this very same forum I am a gun nut. Not just any type of gun nut mind you. See, I like to share the love around. For a price that is!

I decided to start picking Shadowruns recently. The pay is good and usually it provide targets for my new weapons, to see if they don't jam, to hear the nice sound of 'PING' when they hit their target and frankly, why would I be in the business of making ilegal guns for other runners if I am not a runner myself? Where is the fun in that really? How can I create unique, self adapting weaponry if I am not in the field studying up whatever crappy tech Knight Errant and other pigs are using to neuter my fellow runners right?
That said I am a gunner first, everything second. I would probably refuse most runs that deal with finesse, like stealing documents or hacking into particular mega corps. However, If you want some more gun firepower to your mission, I am your man.
My street name is Venus Leghold, but I go down as 'Dead_Trigger' on

Posted June 9, 2032 by user "Gun_Maker"

Excerpt from a Shadowrunner BBS thread; "Post your Calling Card, others Rate".

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