Booster Gold's guide on how to be a big deal

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Hey there! It's me, Booster Gold!
Now this is but a taste of my patented guide on "How to be a Big Deal Fairly Quickly and Looking Good while doing so" - My audio book you can get for just 9,99.

With these 5 steps, anyone can be a Big Deal - Almost as big as me. Almost!

Step number 1:
- Hang around Metropolis
Why Metropolis? Because it's the city of tomorrow that's why! If you wish to be big, you got to be trendy - And what is more trendy than being one step over everyone?
Step number 2:
- Have a colorful pallete
If you want people to notice you (or more importantly, the ad companies to notice you) you got to have some color. If you ask me you cannot go wrong with blue and gold!
[EDITOR'S NOTE: Blue and gold color pallet are trademark Booster Gold enterprises]
Step number 3:
- Networking
Have Superman on speedial always help you get to places and have people you like the big shot that you are! How to make friends in high places? Why, join my fan club today! I am sure one of our contests will let you have a fancy dinner with Batman or something.
[EDITOR's NOTE: We don't actually run any contests.]
Step number 4:
- Have your own PR guy
Who has time to keep cheking facebook and twitter when you are out in the streets fighting crime and posing for pictures? Nobody who is a Big Deal I can tell you that! Hire a PR guy, but not one of those cheapo sharks you see on TV ads. Get your PR guy from Booster Gold enterprises today! We will get you a Justice League membership card.
[EDITOR's NOTE: That is a lie.]
Step number 5:
- Own a copy of "How to be a Big Deal Fairly Quickly and Looking Good while doing so"
Indeed, without my premium advice you will probably only reach a Medium deal or something. Buy your copy today!

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