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Auryoel stood atop the ruined stone structure that was once an air cultists monastery. Unbeknownst to him, a small battalion of boblins (the knee-high, pixie relative to the goblin, see 'Urbarks Encyclopedia of the Blin Family for more details') were creeping up to him. One hawk, a large fellow for his species named Lou, cawed loudly when he saw a tiny javelinist setting up a shot to hit Lou's master. Auryoel twisted his hands, and felt the Weave pulse around him and he formed it into a shield to block the tiny jabbing weapon. The size of the boblins weapons was not the threat, it was the deadly poison that laced them. 

The boblin put its lips to a tiny horn and sounded a shrill shriek before Lou swept him into the air and let go a few stories above the earth. The tiny boblin prayed to its tiny god, and was no more. 

Auryoel breathed in the Weave, its ancient magicks working with him as an old friend at an anvil, and when he exhaled the birds understood his calling. They all took flight and swirled around him, looking for boblins camouflaged in the rock. Time and again tiny angry shouts were heard as the birds lifted up into the air, and then they were not heard anymore. 

A mile away, a shepherd boy with his sheep watched this take place. Auryoel did not notice the boy as he commanded the birds to eviscerate the boblin's chieftain, and thus did not know to stop him from telling the story of the Birdman to all his family and friends. If Lou could talk, he might have told Auryoel that he thought the Birdman was a rather nice name, but he was a hawk and therefore could not speak, nor could he really be the authority on what a good name was. 

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