Markus "Pink-Warrior" Plinkett Calling Card

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Street Name - Pink Warrior
Real name - Markus Plinkett (I ain't no coward, if Knight Errant wage slaves are reading this you know my name. Come and get me, corporate stooges.)

See pic to know why the funny street name. Except I ain't laughing. I painted it pink because it would've been too badass otherwise. I like to have some fun, kick back after a mission you know? And yes, it's all custom made. The best nanofiber money can find with some Aztechnology tech threw in for good measure. I busted my ass getting the parts, but assembling the damn thing was really easy. I always had a knack for power armor.

Want me to break in, grab the stuff and run for it? The armor can do that. It can easily sustain whatever those rent-a-cops throw at me anyway. I ain't a good shot but trust me when I say this: When they see pink, they shot it down.

Perhaps because they are afraid to lose to me eh?

Want some muscle that cannot be put down? I'm your Shadowrunner. Holla at me.

Posted June 12, 2032 by user "PinkWarrior2016"

Excerpt from a Shadowrunner BBS thread; "Post your Calling Card, others Rate".

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