Space Vegas

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The commander of the spaceship Codenamed "VEGAS" couldn't believe his eyes.
The briefing for the mission didn't mention any other flying object, all they had to do was capture a precious meteor from Earth's atmosphere.
Yet there it was.
So beautiful, so elegant. This strange ship was like a geometric bio-metal poetry. Even the strange gaps between each plate that made part of the make up The colors were asymmetrical, complicated yet they all complimented each other.

At the "helm" of the ship the only solid metal of the machine, a cone that expeled to the Space this majestic yet weird space ship.

"My god. Santa Claus exists... And he is huge!"

The words slip from the mouth of the commander to the mission control, who can barely register the strange alien ship on their radar before it quickly jumps to warp speed, stealing the meteorite away from the mission.

"Uncle Sam won't like to hear about this..."

A beutiful thief made his message heard with his actions:
You want this rare mineral? Then be fast enough. Be agressive.

The project for Vegas 2.0, a faster ship that this time will be armed for space combat was well underway before another similar meteorite was detected by the Space Exploration Bureau.
This time, it was a matter of honor.

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