Sonic: The Gritty Reboot

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Robotnik's machines brought death to the Green Hills. They took all the animals they found, ripped their insides, harvested their organs, their eyes, their brains, and shoved them in their mortal bodies.
Each death, the machines got stronger, smarter, more dangerous.
The Green Hill Zone massacre was a black day in history.
A month had passed since the machines showed up, their presence disturbed nature, their digging machines and enslavement capsules oppressed, not only the last living animals in there, but as well the trees and plants.
All hope was lost.

A blue blur crossed around the Green Hill.
It collided with a machine, then another. In a second, the mechanic vampires fell to the floor, disassembled, destroyed.
It was him.
The promised hero, Sonic.

Bouncing from a killer to the next, he didn't stop. Each step, he got faster, deadlier. Each robot defeated, a boost of speed, of justice rushed through the blue blur. The heroic hedgehog hits the enslavement capsule with all the momentum acquired from his righteous crusade, finally coming to a stop.
The surviving animals quickly escape from it. The first stage of Sonic's revolution was over. He had freed the survivors of the Green Hill Zone.
Now onto the next!
Robotnik must pay. No.

He will pay.
And that's a promise Sonic makes, before leaving the zone.

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