Thespian 'The Ember Dancer' entry

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Excerpt from 'Weekly Adventurers Around the Globe', a famous publication throughout the realms that details legendary heroes that stood up to protect the multiverse.

Thespian 'The Ember Dancer' entry
Hailling from one of the many Gnome caravans, Thespian was always know around the South Kingdoms area as the fiery performer always coming with a new number. When she joined the Adventurer Guild there was quite the talk about she retiring from her caravan, indeed for a while her famous 'ember dance' number was put on hold, but to dispel a nasty rumor that had to do with her allocating to one of the city states than something that had to do with her adventuring life. Here's what she had to say on the matter.

"Boy people really like to see me spin my embers hey? Tell you what! You don't have to worry about me ever retiring! Little old me joined up with these Adventurer League to honor my father - He too was an adventuer you know? And he wanted me to follow his footsteps. I decided to lead a double life, by day I am hunting werewolves on the beaches of Deep Shore, by night you can always visit me on the Giskiq caravan and see some Ember spinning!"

Indeed Thespian has led an interesting life, being popular and well know before hunting her first goblin so it's not a surprise some of her older fans worry about her safety or that she might dedicate more times on the dungeons than on a stage. Let's all agree to cheer her on no matter what she decides to do! It is what a fan should do right?

The book is filled with other equally colorful adventurer entries.

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