Gamma bar Showdown!

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Tuesdays nights at the Gamma bar!
The heroes of the multiverse gather at the popular bar, to share their stories, to drink away their defeats and mostly to mess around without a care in the world.
When the villain turned hero Venom found out there was another turncoat going by the name of 'Bane' he had to check it out.

"We are Venom!" shouted the lethal protector.
"You are yet another one intimidated by me?" replied back Bane the breaker of the bat.
"They say you pump out a drug - Venom - into your veins" Venom states this as a matter of fact, droll rolling from his sharp teeth.
"Indeed. No one cared about who I was until I donned this mask." Bane stares down the symbiote menace.
"It's one of those stories in Artlords where super heroes do zany stuff right?" breaking all tension, Deadpool waves at you, the reader. He was hiding behind Venom all that time. And now he is gone, in the background, because I can't deal with breaking the fourth wall here.
"We had enough of this! Bane! We challenge you to an arm wrestling competition! We battle for the name 'Venom'."

Bane sneers at the maniac as he slams his right arm at the table.
"You may call yourself 'drolling Spider-man wannabe' for all I care, monster. If you think you can beat me then you truly do not know who I am."
Without hesitation, Venom grips Bane's hand with his right slimy, gooey hand.

"You are on, Masked freak!" quips the monster.

And so an incredible arm wrestling competition was about to take place, the clerks and patrons around Gamma Bar all come out to see the contest that was about to begin. Even Deadpool somehow showed up for this.

May would consider this an arm wrestling fight to go into the annals of super hero fights.
But for the heroic goers of the Gamma Bar, this was all but yet another Tuesday.

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