Night vs. Day

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In one side, we have Night.
The Batman.
A man with such warped psyche, he dedicated his entire life to become the concept of 'Justice'.
No matter how hard, or how cruel, he is a beacon of justice in a city that even forgot the meaning of that word.
His parents where killed off by a common thug, a day-to-day alley robber. And despite this shaping his entire life, the loss of his parents drove him over the edge, to ascend as a concept, as a legend, as a myth, instead of fighting crime as a mere man.
In the other, we have Day.
The Superman
A sheltered but humble man that dedicated his entire life to become the concept of 'Hope'.
He was an alien that fell down from the sky into our world. A loving couple in a rural area gave him love, a love so big, so encompassing, so beautiful, that gave the young boy who lost his world, hope.
He would soon discover he had the powers of a God himself, the powers of a living and breathing myth. His heart was in the right place and that drove him forward to don the mantle of legend. He became hope incarnate.

Justice and Hope are two concepts that can coexist. But what happens when they have for whatever reason, face each other?

This is a struggle only we can answer.

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