A new approach

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Superman was sporting a different look. His muscular physique was a thing of the past, now he was sporting quite the belly.
He really didn't need the muscles though, the Sun gave him all the power he needed. And since he was already happily married, the Man of Steel let himself go.
He invited the other members of the Justice League to plan how would they counter the invasion of Vandal Savage troops into the Heartland of Themyscira, the Amazonian Island.
The first one to arrive was Batman.
He too was sporting quite the belly.
Then the Wonder Boy Robin followed suit.
His girth could rival Superman's!
And finally entering the door using a walker, it was Flash. He should rename himself "The Flesh" because he got quite a number on him.

Seeing their big companions, Superman shakes his head with a smile.
'What is it, Clark?'
Barks Batman.
'Oh it's nothing. I just didn't realize was such a role model for you!'
Robin interjects.
'Holy Hot Dogs, Batman! It seems we all gained a bit of weight.'
Flash stares at his friends for a while, before reaching a conclusion.
'So... Before we do the league gathering thing. Let's order something to eat. How abou some Chinese?'

Fat or not, the bond the heroes shared was as strong as ever.

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