Children of the Bacon

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Cyclops, who was often called 'slim'.
Wolverine, the man who is the best at what he does, but what he does is not very nice.
Gambit, the dashing rogue.
Beast, the big blue furrball.
Together they are known as "The X-men".

And for years they were at their peak physical condition, fighting against evil mutants and human supremacists that let them hate flow. This changed, however.
The Big Pork fast food franchise finally reached Westchester County in New York, home for our intrepid heroes. And they quickly became lovers of the porky goodness offered there,often punctuating a mission with a visit to the all mighty and delicious pork based food.

Soon, they relocated their headquarters to be inside the Big Pork facilities in New York.
Children of the Atom no longer.
Now they are Children of the Bacon, protectors of the sweet, sweet cuisine that bridges mutants and humans a like.

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