It's coming

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That creeping oblivion that we all have in our forests, we call 'minds'.
It's coming.
Slowly but surely, the horned beast we carefully cage in our hearts.
Oh, you better believe it's coming.

Through the mists of time and fate our eyes cannot pierce this all encompassing veil.
All we can make up is the silhouette of the creature we dread.
Stay, thrive, despair, move. It makes no difference.
It's still coming.

So it's not a matter of fearing the beast.
Nor of wondering what will happen when it finally reaches you.
It's about living in that forest. Or any other forest.
It's about enjoying life.
Because it's coming.

There is no force in this world that rival's the beast's presence.
There is no 'resisting' it.
It's coming. And it won't stop.

But there is a space, no matter how small, between you and the beast.
Make the best of it. Or don't.
For it does not care.
it comes regardless of what we do.

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