Marlinus the Planar Pierrot

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Many of the world injustices happen for a reason.Some are born wicked, be it murderers, robbers, hate mongers and psychopaths, perhaps they had their evil seed inside of them since day one.
Others push the world against injustices they perceived against them, like the rebel who kills the city guard that arrested a minor for stealing some bread, or the Tyrant who robs from his people, perceiving himself as a superior being that is above the concept of law.

But most evil is the day-to-day evil. The small offenses, the terrible system that explores and crush dreams, eat souls, turn good man into bad.

And then there's Marlinus.
The self proclaimed "Planar Pierrot" is this young man with fair skin, delicate features and colored, blue hair. He dresses as some sort of performer, a sad clown sitting on a throne of lies.

He perpetuates evil, not because he was born evil, not because he was driven into evil or even because he feels he is above the law.
He indulges into the most terrible situations because he wants to see a reaction.
It's all a play for him.

Each plane of existence is a different audience for the trials and tribulations he forces his beloved "Heroes" to run through atrocities at a cosmic level.
If asked, he would reply something along the lines "I love them. But they hate me, they hate me for making them great. For pushing them to step up to the occasion. Even when they die by my hand, I still love them. Even if they do not understand me or my charade, I love them from the bottom of my heart."

How can one commit such terrible acts in the name of love?
That's Marlinus for you. Your world is just a stage. Your heroes, characters in a play. Pray for an encore.

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