Fatima Embersilk the 'Pyromancer'

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Excerpt from 'Weekly Adventurers Around the Globe', a famous publication throughout the realms that details legendary heroes that stood up to protect the multiverse.

Fatima Embersilk the 'Pyromancer'

From the distant burning sands of the Aamir kingdom comes Fatima Embersilk , the prosperous adventurer girl who is very young in comparison to the guild standards. Despite coming from a foreign place she enjoys the fashion of the mainland of Irolatreia, where the headquarters of the Adventurer's Guild lies. Her abundant success and monetary gain hasn't gone without notice by the organizers and we confronted her, asking what's the secret to her victories. Here's what the fire Genasi had to say in this matter.

Childish laughter

Oh? The big shots of the guild want to know how little old me manage to get so many succesful adventures in record time? Really? Don't you think I would be giving too much away for my concorrence? After all this is my job. I'm in for the riches!"

Continued laughter

"I suppose this veteran girl here will have to help the newbies huh? All righty then! Let this hot blooded beauty guide the poor adventurers! Here's how I do it: I burn it! I burn it all! Burn the Kobolds! Burn the goblin, the hobgoblin and the bugbear! Burn, burn and burn!"

Even more laughter.

"I suppose if you aren't blessed as me with Pyromancy skills, you could focus on what you do best and apply it to a context that you gain most advantage. I only take dungeon quests because most of the time the dungeon is poor lit you see? So all the creepy crawlers there hate light! Which means they hate fire! Try to nab missions and expeditions that play off to your strengths and you will be making gold in no time!"

The greedy little genasi giggled the whole way through, but somehow we find her advice as valid as any.

The book is filled with other equally colorful adventurer entries.

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