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In a world overrun by zombies, the government had to find a way to put them to use. The zombies weren't particularly smart, nor were they fast, and they certainly didn't have the amazing amount of strength you would see in movies, so what were the scientists tasked to enhance these zombies going to do? Science hadn't risen to degree they thought it would have. The unexpected arrival of zombies didn't help much either. Then one of the more imaginative scientists, a new scientist added to the team of professionals at Mayward Science Corp named Dr. James Smith, came up with a brilliant idea. They would make a exoskeleton which enhanced the zombies physical abilities, such as speed, strength, and agility. This was a wonderful idea, very much so, but how would a brainless zombie even be able to control it. That is when Dr. Smith then again came up with a solution. He made a small capsule that would release a chemical into your brain that would enhance brain productivity and performance. The end result would be a intelligent zombie in a near indestructible supersuit that would then be used to kill the rest of the zombies that littered the world. Kings and Presidents all over the world congradulated young James and to this day he lives comfortabelly in a mansion in southern California.

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