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The green skinned Ork holded his slugga pistol tight. He looks over the rubble that his boys created with their suppresive fire. He spot two Space Marines, using it for cover.


He mutters under his breath. They were the enemy, warriors to be bested.
He brings his slugga forward and he shots at the Space Marine to the right.


A sound of slab of metal hitting flesh. A one in a million shot, the Ork hit the man right through his helmet, lodging the bullet on his skull.

"Brother Thaddeus!"

Yells the remaining 'beakie' as he checks on his fallen comrade. The Ork keeps firing his slogan, he jumps up and down as he does so, excited for his perfect shot. His excitement makes him lose a whole magazine on his slogan, missing all sorts. The remaining man stands up, hesitates for a moment. Perhaps he grieves under his helmet for a moment, before charging the Ork boy. His left hand strangles the creature at first, then he raises his arm holding the ark above ground.

"Die Humie! Beakie! Die! Dakka dakka dakka!"

The Ork hurls insults as he reloads quickly and shoots with his slugga all over the Marine's helmet, that break with the amount of fire being poured near it. However, the Ork failed to graze the man's skin.

Emperor protects.

On the Marine's right hand a powerfist, a mighty weapon that could easily destroy heavy armor, let alone a simple Ork. He hits the creature with a single, straight punch with said glove, vaporizing the creature from the face of that forsaken planet.
Thaddeus was avenged. But the green tide persists.

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