Reaching Unity

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-In 2020, April 23rd , an undentified object appeared inexplicably in Earth orbit at approximately 302,400 km distance to where it kept stationnary . 
-May 25th , the international scientific community declares that the UFO is in fact an abandoned spaceship wich seems to have come in earth orbit in some sort of autopilot.
-June 12th , International community to start a joint operation to explore the vessel , named UNITY , in symbol .
-June 24th , A international commitee has been voted to lead this operation , the ESEP ( Earth Space Exploration Program ) wich merge NASA , ESA , APRSAF , and 132 high profile companies related in aeronautics , space program and research , electronics , communication, into one organisation.
-Plans to reach Unity are schedule for 2027 

The Aerith* shuttle have been completed in August 3rd 2025 . The Aerith is a totally modulable shuttle , from the inside to the outside .


-The base concept is that the shuttle works as a printed circuit board , all the onboard equipments such as navigation pannels , life support , etc.. are modules that are implemented separately . This design , though costly , was made in order to reduce the technological gap between the production start and finish . Thus the shuttle benefit from the lastest technology available and can be upgraded in the futur too.

-Aerith's is able to swap it's rear module for other modules , such as the space station Kõpu 's one . All modules , from the space station 's ones to Aerith very own modules, are standardized under the ESEP chart , and interconnectable .Thus its is possible to attach 2 Kõpu's module on the back of Aerith for exemple , or even connect the whole space station.
( Under the ESEP chart , all modules must be maneuverable autonomously )
The main reactor module is mainly used for atmospheric reentry .

Here is Aerith after it's first athmospheric reentry test , being removed it's propulsion module . 

* A public poll has been conducted to find the shuttle's name , the name that come the most out of it would be the chosen one ( though the final decision would be taken by the ESEP ) . Religious , blasphematory names were of course prohibited . A group of internauts from a social plateform call "reddit" launched a propaganda operation to name the shuttle Aerith, after a famous video game character from the 90's . They finally had the most vote by a large margin .

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