Chico and Big Boss

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{Warning: Spoilers for Chico character in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes)

Chico was a child soldier that fought for what he believe to be the best of his country alongside his sister.
He was captured and saved by the legendary mercenary, Big Boss.

Chico in many ways reflects the character of Big Boss. Both of them are patriots, both of them lost their innocence to a conflict that was more personal than it usually is for a soldier. Both were inspired by an older female figure to become soldiers as well.

Yet Chico was just a kid while this all happened.
While Big Boss was an adult.

In many ways Chico relationship with Big Boss breaks the fourth wall as well adding an interesting layer to Boss's character.

Chico serves to introduce the special characters you can recruit in the game, he doesn't really add much to your base other than provide information about creatures living around Costa Rica. He is in many ways defined by his relationship with Paz (the game main twist in terms of character motivations) and his own sister. Big Boss wants to protect Chico, who acts tough, but humble enough to listen to the Boss advice. They share a "Big brother, younger brother" relationship that makes Big Boss seem more human.

But we know about Big Boss's future, or at least those who are invested in the franchise and played the other games. We know that Boss takes child soldiers and uses them in military conflicts and that one of his main recruitment targets are the kids. This reveal was to make Boss more villain like in the games where this is touched upon.

By playing this from his point of view, we see that his intentions aren't as unholy at first. There is a tension when we first meet Chico in the game because we know Boss will use kid soldiers, but it developed into something beautiful and unexpected, and for fans of the series were invested on it's lore, the impact is greater. A great use of continuity to heart string your audience.

But then the author takes this one step further in the sequel.
Chico is tortured. Made to rape the older woman he secretly loved. Made to torture her. Made to suffer. And no matter what the player does, he dies. Off screen. Punished Snake (Big Boss Alter Ego) doesn't even care or mention Chico (for a very good reason, but that is a spoiler so big that it's not worth it saying it here).

Chico is the reminder of the Boss morals and unique personality.
His terrible death and torture is the reminder that no matter Big Boss morals or intentions, the world is too wicked for his ideology of righteous combat.

Violence spreads like wildfire in Metal Gear's world and no matter how hard the characters fight for peace, the system demands blood and guts, as players demand a sequel.

Imagine a world where Metal Gear Solid V never gets made.
Chico future would be in doubt.
But in the world where Metal Gear Solid V exists, Chico dies as a foot note of a horrible war.

The system that exists inside the Metal Gear setting mirrors the system that exists in our real world of video games. The proxy war.

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