Where I rant about Ghosts'N Goblins plot

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Arthur has it rough for a video game character.

His girlfriend is kidnapped not by a giant dragon turtle or a stupid, giant monkey.
She is taken by Satan itself.
Then he must venture forth landscapes filled to the brim with zombies, demons, arc fiends and all sort of terrible creatures just to reach Red Arremer, his most terrible rival and barely, with some luck, he manages to drag himself towards Satan's chamber on his underwear (look, whenever he gets hit, he gets naked. It's weird.) only to hear the words from Princess Prin Prin:

"Arthur you cannot defeat Satan!" (Well, duh! It's Satan!)
"You must take my bracelet! I hid just outside my castle. It's the only way to defeat him!"

Arthur doesn't even question the logic behind this. I mean, why does Princess Prin Prin (ha-ha this name) doesn't use the bracelet to kick Satan's ass on the first go? And even if she did get herself captured before she could do anything, why didn't she tell Arthur this? Why didn't she go "Oh, by the way my love, my bracelet is like the only way to kill Satan. If anything comes to whom I'll throw it around my castle."

I mean have some contingency plans Princess Prin Prin geez. You got kidnapped at least four times by Satan and their demons, the least thing you could do to poor Arthur is set a plan in motion.Every time with that crap of having your loved one go through a literal hellish gauntlet to get to your ass and then you tell him where you throwed the amulet this time.

Then again, it's always around the castle.
Maybe Arthur should've wisened up by now and look around the damn place before throwing himself against Satan's army.

Anyway, after doing all that crap, Arthur uses the power of the amulet to kick Satan's ass and rescue Princess Prin Prin. The end.

Does that raise more questions though?
If Arthur killed Satan or banished it to the realms, isn't that a bigger accomplisment than just rescuing this girl?

I mean ok she is royalty AND his sweetheart but we are talking about Satan here!
Capcom, you need to check your priorities.

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