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All was lost.
His family had fractured.
His country in shambles.
His love, gone.
In the darkness, he feels a strange pain shooting up from his arms.


The young man tries to escape from the clutches of that dark being.
He struggles, his arms shake violently, his legs kick in reckless abandon.
All there was left was despair.

"Dispiacere is my name."

A calm and certain voice came from behind the man.

"You came to me, son of man. What is that you desire? No, don't tell me. Yes I can feel it. You are lost in my realm aren't you?"

He could see now. His arms had been stabbed by several silver strings, all them attached to the disturbing humanoid creatured that moved him as a puppet.

"Monster! Let me go!"

The creature stops tugging into the strings. The man tries to run, but the strings bring him back, even closer to the tentacles of the beast.

"You are here because you are in despair."

The man screams. The fiend camly continues in a monotone.

"You were mine the moment you gave into your despair, son of man. Your body belongs to me. Your mind and your soul are still yours however. I have no desire for them. All that matters to me is the flesh. Bring me the flesh of others such as yourself, and I might let go of my strings for a moment."

The creature fades away into the darkness. The man cries. the pact was done, sealed. And he couldn't even face his new patron.

He had become one with despair.

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