Business_Clown Calling Card

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Plenty of idealists posted here, on this very thread pretending they are better than the others.
Then somehow they don't bleed the same, that somehow giving them credits elevate them from mere mercenaries and thugs to a higher, moral power.
My street name is Business_Clown and I hate every single one of you.

You are supposed to be Shadowrunners. Deniable assets. Mercenaries for hire. Take a look at my pic. I am completely aware death stalks me whenever I go. I am just some pounds of flesh armed with some black market guns to do something dark to someone. I could share with you all of my political inclinations and my favorite food, it wouldn't make a bit of a difference.

Because even a clown like me know that in the end of the day, it's just business.
Call me to whatever run you wish.
If the nuyen is right, I will be laughing with you.
Posted August 31, 2075 by user "Business_Clown"

Excerpt from a Shadowrunner BBS thread; "Post your Calling Card, others Rate".

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