|C|Elene Calling Card

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Real Name: Miss Not telling her name in a public runner forum.
Street Name: |C|Elene. Prounence it as "Selene". I like fancing letters.

So here's the deal. I'm a modern day muse. My special powers and role allows those around me to do great things.
That means that just having me in a run can boost the quality of the other runners. I'm a wild card, that enhances the Shadowrunning. More often than not the clients see me as a luxury - This is why my pricing range is a bit higher than most street images. I was no prima Donna and as you can see by my choice of attire I'm not a rich girl either.

While I can see why some people would second guess themselves due to my fees, not many can resit my siren call. Allow me to inspire your crew. Make their shots hit their marks, their decking more precise. You are one song away of accomplishing your run. Why gamble with your fate, when I can gamble it for you?

Posted November 07, 2075 by user "|C|Elene"

Excerpt from a Shadowrunner BBS thread; "Post your Calling Card, others Rate".

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