MurderHobo Calling Card

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Real Name: Steve
Street Name: Muderhobo

Hey it's your good ol' Steve! AKA Murderhobo. Spare some change? How about after I murder your target in 24 hours flat or your blanket donation is returned? Eh? Anyone?

Being real serious here I'm not an actual hobo. But I do murder people for the right price. See, for most people, hobos are barely alive. They are invisible. I disguised myself once as a hobo and then SMACK! Axe'd that fool right between the eyes. So I kept dressing as a hobo, hell I even got a viking motif for the costume. Turns out, hobo vikings are still just as invisible.

Anyway, you want to run with the stealhiest badass this side of Compton, Steve is your boy.

Posted November 17, 2075 by user "MuderHobo"

Excerpt from a Shadowrunner BBS thread; "Post your Calling Card, others Rate".

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